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PST can take on the following service projects, but not limited to them.
1) Seismic data processing
    Conventional seismic data processing
    Complicated Near-Surface Correction
    High resolution seismic data processing
    Pre-stack time/depth migration
    AVO Processing
  2) Seismic Interpretation
    Synthetic seismorgram and well-to-seismic correlations
    Fault imaging and interpretation
    Horizon interpretation
    Velocity analysis and depth conversion
    Structure study
3) Seismic attribute analysis
    Instantaneous Attributes
    Absorption Attributes
    Geometrical attributes and fault imaging
    Spectral decomposition
    Edge detection attributes
    Avo attributes
  4) Pre-stack and post-stack seismic inversion
   Fluid substitution and rock physics study
   Forward modeling and Post-stack inversion
   AVO analysis
   Estimate uncertainty in fluid prediction from AVO
   Pre-stack elastic simultaneous inversion
   Reservoir properties inversion
5) Log analysis and reservoir evaluation
     Environmental correction and standardization for logging curves
   Imaging log analysis
    Quantitative calculation of porosity,permeability and saturation
   Stratigraphic correlation
   Sedimentary facies and microfacies analysis
   Reservoir properties study
  6) Fracture Prediction and Modeling
   Fracture Analysis of bore hole data
   Seismic geometiric attributes analysis
   Fracture prediction
   Fracture Modeling
7) 3D Reservoir Modeling
   Structure constrained velocity modeling
   Structure modeling
   Reservoir grid modeling
   Facies modeling
   Property modeling
   Reserve study
   Reservoir comprehensive evaluation
  8) Reservoir Engineering
   Test and production analysis
   Numerical reservoir simulation
   Field development planning and optimization
   Residual oil distribution study
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